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April 13, 2013

Formal ball caps months of preparation

The Debutante Cotillion Beautillion Militaire is a recognition vehicle designed especially for African American graduating high school seniors. The program serves to aid young men and women to see themselves as leaders in the community, state and nation. This year’s scholarship ball is being held on Saturday, April 20. The following students who are participating in the program have written short biographies about themselves. Not all participants submitted photos.

Marc Isaiah Andrews

Parent: Mecca Andrews
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.17
Person I admire: My mother is a very persevering woman, through all of her struggles she looks to prayer and prevails. She always told me to treat everything like it’s your job, work hard, do your work, you will reap benefits.
Word that describes me: Random, because it really describes who I am. I am a fun, creative, energetic, random individual.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Don’t wait for your opportunities to come to you. You need to go out and seize the moment; it will make or break the rest of your life.
Words to live by: “Just do it.” — Nike. “Don’t quit until you win.” “Life is really what you make it, don’t waste time with your head in the clouds; focus your mind on what you want and go after it.”
Future plans: Attend Indiana University-Bloomington, Morehouse College or Kent State University.

Stefany Lou Arias-Anderson

Parents: Angela and Jose Arias
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.95
Person I admire: My Father, he helped me grow up to be the person I am today.
Word that describes me: Unique, because there is no one like me.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Keep your priorities straight. I have come to realize the dedication and caring personalities that the Debs/Beaus in Cotillion all have. From my Cotillion/Beautillion experience, I have gained so much knowledge to prepare me for the future.
Words to live by: “Don’t Worry Be Happy”
Future plans: Indiana University at Bloomington. My career plan is to be a doctor and later a missionary around the world.

A’niyah Monae Birdsong

Parents: Shaun Birdsong and Deveta Whigham
School/GPA: Anderson Preparatory Academy/3.927
Person I admire: My grandmother, Betty Richardson, because she embodies what it means to be a true strong black woman. She has moved my life greatly and her gracious heart has molded me into the young lady I am today. I’m glad to say I have her to thank for that.
Word that describes me: Determined, because once I set my mind on something, I fully have to pursue that goal until it’s accomplished.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Never let anyone distort your dream. Once you have your dream in mind, don’t let anybody detour you off your path because they want to see you fail. Persevere and prove them wrong because it’s more rewarding to see their face once you’ve passed the finish line.
Words to live by: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” — Lanston Hughes.
Future plans: Go to IUPUI and major in biology and minor in women’s studies. Then, medical school to become an OB/GYN.

Kireshe Boulware

Parent: Treva Boatman
School/GPA: Anderson Preparatory Academy/3.757
Person I admire: My mother because she taught me to never give up.
Word that describes me: Giver, because I was taught it is better to give than to receive.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Don’t get lazy your senior year; work just as hard as or harder than you did in the previous years.
Words to live by: If you want it, fight for it.
Future plans: Attend IUPUI to become a nurse practitioner.

Siara Danye’ Cox

Parents: N’anya Cox and Mario Brown
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.79
Person I admire: My mom because she struggled but always made a way, which motivated me to do better.
Word that describes me: Ambitious, because I am always trying to find new ways to do things and I am very outgoing.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Stay ahead and stay focused! Make sure your priorities are straight. You shouldn’t need someone there to babysit and make you do something. Remember, things are only as hard as you make them!
Words to live by: “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it.” — Charles Swindoll
Future plans: I want to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Rovan K. Eubanks

Parents: Robin G. Prichard, Lejon D. Funches, April M. Johnson, Debra R. Prichard
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.77
Person I admire: My mother because even though she had hard times, she always stayed happy and hopeful. That’s something I’m trying to pursue, being able to find happiness and hope in what seems to be the darkest times.
Word that describes me: Thankful, because after all that I have been through I’m still here and I made it!
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Stay focused and stay hopeful.
Words to live by: “You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You’re a child of God, and be the best that you can be, at all times.”
Future plans: Attend Indiana University, Bloomington, or the University Of Southern Indiana.

Da’Meisha Lynna Fleming

Parents: Benita and Terrance Holbert
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.567
Person I admire: Jesus Christ because he is everything I want to be and more. Each and every day I strive to become more and more like him and he is the best friend I have ever had. Jesus has never let me down and he always gives the best advice.
Word that describes me: Blessed. Since the day I was born I can truly say that God has blessed me. He has given me a loving family that supports me and who always gives their honest opinion.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.” — Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Words to live by: “Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path,” Proverbs 3:5.
Future plans: Attend IUPUI where I will study nursing. Once accepted into their nursing program, I will go on to pursue my dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Nyrell Tryshawn Foard

Parents: Sondra Woods and William Bannister
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.4
Person I admire: My grandfather. He is just that type of man that can always get you back on your feet. My grandfather is Pastor Shellie I. Foard and I have learned so much from him since I have grown up. He has always been someone I could talk to that did not judge or lecture but spoke to me with love and concern.
Word that describes me: Strong, because I am strong not just physically but also mentally. Since the seventh grade my way of thinking changed and I started not only working on my physical strength but also my mental strength to be able to make decisions that would lead me to be successful in anything I put my mind to. I really made changes within myself that help me become the man I am today.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Keep working hard with no days off. This is the year you have worked your butt off to get to so make it count.
Words to live by: In life you will discover wisdom and hope for whatever you may be facing through personal accounts of your life, but those who have found God and stand faithful to his word can find God to be an applicable and reliable source of strength, guidance, and encouragement.
Future plans: Attend Indiana University to study for a career as a cardiovascular surgeon.

Willie Gene Ford Jr.

Parents: Teresa and Willie Ford
School/GPA: 3.14
Person I admire: Rovan Eubanks because though all the things she been though, she still put one foot forward and keeps going strong.
Word that describes me: Different, the reason why is that I was always told that and I never let people push me into something I’m not.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: “Go out strong, don’t slack and play around because later on in life it’s not going to be beneficial.”
Words to live by: “You define yourself not others.”
Future plans: Vincennes University to get an associates pastry chef degree and transfer to a bigger college to later open up a pastry shop.

Avery Justin Hamer

Grandmother/guardian: Mary Pearl Hamer
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.0
Person I admire: Myself. The reason why I have so much admiration for myself is because no matter what the situation I never stopped going for my goal. I knew what it took to get where I wanted and I knew what I had to do.
Word that describes me: Faith. I chose this word because I’ve been through so much, but no matter what, I’ve kept faith and carried on.
Words to live by: Even when you think there is no way, there is always a way.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Don’t cut yourself short of something you deserve. Everyone was given a life to make something out of, it’s your decision what you do with it.
Future plans: The school I’ve been working so hard to attend is Indiana University in Bloomington. I wish to accomplish my dreams of becoming a prosecutor.

Alanti Norrika Kimbrough-Maxwell

Parents: Jamie and TJ Matthews and John and Jill Maxwell
School/GPA: Anderson Preparatory Academy/3.3
Person I admire: My Grandma Ethel because she’s been through a lot throughout her lifetime and she’s a strong, black woman. Although she has hit plenty of hard times, she has never steered away from the church and God himself. She has inspired me to stay close to God and keep my faith strong.
Word that describes me: Indescribable, because between my strengths and weaknesses, there isn’t one word to fully explain me and what I stand for.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: “Don’t pay attention or get involved in drama. Stay focused on your dreams and destiny.”
Words to live by:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13
Future plans: Attend Indiana Tech on a track scholarship where I will double major in Sports Management and Pre-Law. I want to become a sports agent.

Tommie James Larkin

Parents: Michael and Terasha Larkin
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.00
Person I admire: My mom because she is a strong individual and has taught me how to be independent; my father because he always finishes what he starts and has taught me how to do the same. In sports I admire Ray Lewis, his heart and passion for the game of football makes me want to play for the rest of my life.
Word that describes me: Strength, because I never give up and will make sure I finish something no matter how tough the task may be.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Always be on top of your school work. Never slack off and try to always stay ahead.
Words to live by: Live Strong; tough times don’t last but tough people do!
Future plans: I want to become a Certified Public Accountant  and I will either go to Indiana State, Indiana University or Manchester University to play football and wrestle.

Oteisha Monique Lofton

Parents: Horace and Amber Lofton
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.827
Person I admire: My grandma, Vickie Nave, because she is a great role model, and she portrays excellence in every aspect of her life.
Word that describes me: Aspiring, because I am one with ambition. I strive to achieve my highest potential in all of my endeavors.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Be true to yourself. Try hard. Then harder. Do as much as possible, so you won’t wish you had. Start now, it’ll be over before you know it.
Words to live by: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me,”” Philippians 4:13.
Future plans: Attend Indiana University, Bloomington, or Tennessee State University, Nashville.

Deon K. Parson

Parents: Joseph Parson and Renita Lark
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.028.
People I admire: Edd Gould (British creator of webtoon “Eddsworld”), Jim Davis (creator of “Garfield”), and pop singer Rachel Platten.
Word that describes me: Creative, because I always try to put fun within anything I do.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Keep the people who’ll support your dreams close, and the ones who negatively criticize your dreams closer.
Words to live by: “Make a little space, and get out of your own way.”
Future plans: Attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and become a cartoonist.

Ne’Shay Marquis Peak

Parents: Marquita McIntosh and Greg Peak
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.084
Person I admire: My mom because she has been there for me through thick and thin, ups and downs, and right or wrong. Nobody does that for me EXCEPT her! She’ll always be there for me.
Word that describes me: Determined, because no matter what anyone says or does, I’m going to do what I set my mind to. Once I get started there is no stopping me.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Stay focused and don’t let anything or anyone throw you off track. Stay focused and determined to graduate.
Words to live by: “Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.”
Future plans: Attend Georgia State University or the University of Southern Mississippi to major in biochemistry and minor in psychology to be an orthopedic surgeon.

Na-Shaunda DaNice Rayford

Parents: Eric and Natalie Maxwell and Norman Rayford
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.5.
Person I admire: My grandma, Janie Boyd. I admire her because she is the perfect example of what a woman should be, and how a woman she act and carry herself. She is also the most giving person I know.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class:  Never let anyone set limits on you, your goals and dreams should be limitless. Also, keep God first, lean and depend on him, he will always be by your side.
Words to live by: “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” — Paul Brandt
Future plans: Attend Saint Mary’s Of The Woods College.

Darien Elise Thompson

Parents: The late Byron Thompson and Veronica Thompson
School/GPA: Anderson High School/3.857
Person I admire: My mother. She’s a strong, caring, hard worker that puts other people’s needs before her own. She does a lot for our family and has made many sacrifices to help provide for her girls.
Word that describes me: Determined. Over the past four years I’ve overcome many obstacles, disappointments, and survived the emotional loss with the death of my father. This has only made me stronger and that much more determined to be all that I can be and stronger in my faith.
Words of wisdom to share with the next graduating class: Study hard, do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s OK to be smart.
Words to live by: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” —Herb Brooks
Future plans: Attend Purdue Calumet to study nursing.

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