The Herald Bulletin

March 3, 2014

Legislation would allow guns on Indiana school property

Local state representative opposes gun bill

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — Legislation that would allow licensed gun owners to have their weapons stored in vehicles on school property could be amended today in the Indiana House.

During the Third House session with local legislators today at the Anderson Public Library, Rep. Terri Austin said the bill would eliminate the use of tax dollars for state gun buy-back programs.

Many communities use federal grant dollars for the purchase of guns to get the weapons off the street, she said.

Austin said a House bill to allow guns on school property in privately owned vehicles and possibly school buses didn’t receive a committee vote. She said the proposal was amended into the gun buy-back bill.

The bill would also forbid school boards to adopt policies that would add extra prevention of guns on school property.

“I hope the bill is defeated,” Austin said.

Sen. Tim Lanane said the proposal should get a full hearing so that lawmakers can hear all the arguments for and against the presence of guns, with a valid permit, on school property if locked in a vehicle.

Lanane said he is not opposed to the gun buy-back program.

“We hate when the federal government issues mandates for certain programs,” he said. “Now we want to tell local units of government what programs they can implement.”

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