The Herald Bulletin

December 19, 2013

Two school buses in morning accident

No injuries reported as vehicles brush mirrors

By Traci Moyer
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — No children were injured in an accident involving two school buses on Thursday morning.

The accident, which occurred at 8:53 a.m. on County Road 300 East near Killbuck Elementary School, involved two Anderson Community Schools buses — traveling in opposite directions — that clipped rearview mirrors.

A third vehicle, driven by Amy Gardner, was damaged by debris from the collision.

A bus was transporting 20 school children to Killbuck at the time of the accident. The other bus had just dropped children off at the school and was occupied by two adults.

“This happens a few times a year,” said Joe Cronk, chief operations officer for Anderson schools. “Both buses will be inspected by the state police before they are allowed to carry children.”

Cronk explained that this kind of accident, which he called a “mirror brush,” can happen during the winter months when snow and ice are on the roads. He said rural roads, which are designed to peak at the center of the road, can cause two buses — traveling in opposite directions — to rock into each other, damaging the mirrors.

Rural roads are narrower, Cronk said, and bus drivers must not drive too close to the side of a road where wheels can leave the roadway, causing the bus to slide down into a culvert.

“It is better to take a hit on a mirror than turning a bus over in a cornfield,” Cronk said.

Several emergency officials responded to the scene, including Chesterfield Police Department, Chesterfield/Union Township Fire Department, Richland Fire Department, Alexandria Fire Department and Rural Metro Ambulance Service.

Medical personnel checked the school children and reported no injuries from the accident.

“Kids normally don’t even know it has happened,” said Michael Day II, owner of Anderson Transit, which provides bus services to the Anderson schools.

Day, who has been involved in a mirror brush accident, said there is often little impact with these kind of accidents.

Cronk said police escorted the damaged school bus to Killbuck where the children were dropped off, a little tardy for school but safe.

“Our first job is always keeping the children safe,” he said.

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