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November 8, 2013

Anderson schools have 'no live lice' stance

By Zach Osowski The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — The lice protocol in Anderson Community Schools is being modified to match the national trend.

“The national standards are lowering,” said Connie Robinson, health services coordinator for ACS. “It’s just becoming such a common problem in schools.”

However, Robinson said Anderson schools still do not allow children with live bugs to go back into the classroom. Any child with bugs will be sent home, she said.

“The school allows for one day of excused absence to treat the lice,” Robinson said. “After that it becomes an unexcused absence.”

She said the school contacts the parents of a student who might be affected, but does not send out blanket alerts to all the parents of classmates. She said usually this just causes a panic among the parents.

“We do advise the parents to check their children once a week for lice,” she said.

She said the school will allow children back in with nits, or lice eggs, still in their hair as long as the treatment is still going on. She said this has been an area where the schools have relaxed a little bit.

Lice are not considered a disease by the school and can only be transferred through contact. Robinson said lice can’t jump or fly but they can crawl very fast. She said the school takes extra precautions to protect their students like sealing their coats and hats before putting them in their lockers.

If a class has a few students catch lice, Robinson said she will visit the class and check the students scalps. She will also have janitorial staff perform extra cleaning in that room.

“It’s an issue people face constantly,” she said. “We try to do everything we can to prevent it.”