The Herald Bulletin

August 14, 2013

Liberty Christian embarks on new year with new superintendent

By Dani Palmer
The Herald Bulletin


With more than 600 students and a new leader, Liberty Christian School got a "fabulous start" to a new school year Wednesday, Superintendent Lynn Staley said. 

In her first year at Liberty, Staley said the focus in 2012-13 will be on academic excellence with high expectations of both faculty and students.

"With any new superintendent there's a lot of change. There's an opportunity to look forward," she said. "The entire faculty is doing what's necessary to demonstrate excellence in every classroom."

Enrollment has grown, she said, with an increase in voucher students. Last year, shortly before the voucher deadline, the school had about 170 students on the school choice scholarships. 

And Staley said they're still receiving voucher requests. Indiana's school voucher program offers assistance to K-12 students from low-income families who wish to attend a private school.

Parents have until Sept. 1 to go to the school of their choice and request a voucher. Eligibility is in part based on family income of 150 percent or below the federal free and reduced lunch income guideline.

Expanded this year, Indiana's voucher system is open to siblings of students who were on a voucher the year prior, those with special needs and those who are assigned to schools given an "F" grade by the Indiana Department of Education.

"Our philosophy is always asking for families to be involved in the education of their children," Staley said. "We believe school choice gives them a voice."

While Liberty Christian is working with more students this year, the school also opened a second preschool, Little Lions Learning Center South, over the summer at Ovid Community Church, 793 E. 600 S. -- about 2 1/2 miles south of Interstate 69.

Staley said the new location enables Liberty to reach more families in the southern part of Madison County.

When the preschool location was announced, the Rev. Keith Wooden said Ovid Community Church “wants to make the best use of this facility that God has provided” and decided that the best way to do so is to help Liberty.

Also getting its start Wednesday was nearby Daleville Community Schools in Delaware County.

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