The Herald Bulletin

November 6, 2012

Voters turned away at Union Township

‘Printing glitch’ to blame

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. —  A “printing glitch” has caused some problems for some Union Township voters early Tuesday morning.

A voter reported being turned away early Tuesday after being told she, along with everyone else in Union Township’s Precinct 2, had already voted absentee.

Barbara Hutton, Republican chair of the Madison County Election Board, said the precinct must have received the wrong list due to a “printing glitch” from the voter registration office but that problem had been “ironed out.”

“What (election officials at the precinct) need to do is compare the voting list to the absentee list to see who has and hasn’t voted absentee,” she said. “If you know you have not voted absentee then you should be able to vote.”

Anyone who may have been turned away should go back to vote, Hutton said.

She had reported no other voting site problems — no machines down, no other voters being turned away.

The voter registration phone system though was having issues with callers unable to get through, Hutton said. A repair person had been called to take a look at the phone lines. That office handles questions about where people should vote or if there are concerns with registration.

“If there are any problems we are here to help,” she said of the election board. “Our main project is to make sure every registered voter gets to vote.”

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