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February 16, 2014

Panel discusses lingering inequalities in income, justice and opportunities


"I think, generally, black and white, people aren't bad. But everyone needs a seat at the table so everyone has a chance to be heard," Bostic said.

The celebration wrapped up with a musical program on Warner's radio show. Sunday was the fourth annual Black History Program hosted by the church. Mary Hammock of Anderson said she came to enjoy the music and learn more about black heritage, and said she hopes the lessons will be heard by younger people.

That sentiment was echoed by Marzell and Teresa Stennis of Anderson. The couple said they've been soaking up as much of Black History Month as they can, and they're attending different educational programs around the county every week of February.

"It's extremely important to try to get young people involved — to see how far we've come and how far we have to go," Teresa Stennis said. "With issues like we have going on in Florida (Zimmerman and Dunn trials), there needs to be awareness about these issues for all races."

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