The Herald Bulletin

December 28, 2012

Home, home in the snow

Friends build igloo during blizzard

By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Brandon Gritzmacher and Christopher Hodson are in desperate need of a housewarming party.

It’s cold in their new home, on the corner of Walnut and 19th streets. Really cold.

“We just felt like making an igloo, so we did,” said Gritzmacher, 19.

They built the igloo in a vacant lot across the street from Christopher’s aunt’s house.

They work faster than most contractors. In seven hours spread over two days, they built the 8-foot structure and furnished it with chairs made of packed snow.

Gritzmacher army-crawls inside through tiny doorway on the front. He stands and extends his arms so the tips of his fingers touch the walls.

“There’s plenty of room,” he said. “And I’m 6 (feet) 5.”

He said they’ve had as many as five people in the igloo at a time.

Hodson, 15, said they started building it Wednesday during the blizzard, and finished Thursday.

They used blue recycling bins to make the bricks, and used snow for mortar.

“We put them at an angle to make the curve,” he said.

And it’s still a work in progress — the boys are talking about knocking out the back wall and adding another room.

“A rumpus room sounds good,” Hodson said jokingly. “There’ll be a lot of rumpus.”

In the meantime, they’re working to preserve their icy abode.

“We’re hoping if we spray it with water, it’ll ice over and last till the end of winter,” Gritzmacher said. “If it doesn’t heat up, I mean.”

And the pair is already making plans for next year. Christopher’s thinking something a little bigger.

“Castle next year, Brandon?” he asked.

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