The Herald Bulletin

December 2, 2012

3 local school choirs to perform at Christmas at the Zoo

Singers participating in Indy holiday festivities

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Three area school choirs will be among the dozens performing at the Indianapolis Zoo as part of its holiday celebration.

Choirs from Anderson High, Pendleton Heights High and Alexandria-Monroe Junior High schools will be in the area of the Café on the Commons during the zoo’s Christmas at the Zoo, running Wednesdays through Saturdays through Dec. 30 at 1200 W. Washington St. in Indianapolis.

“I am excited,” said Anderson High School choral director Julie Wood. “It is a fun opportunity for my students. We do a lot of performing, especially through the Christmas season, and this is an opportunity for them to perform and also have a good time.”

The zoo provided each of the students a ticket for themselves and for a friend so they could enjoy the evening’s facilities. There will be 56 students from AHS’ Vocal Infusion and Vocal Elegance performing for the 30-minute time slot doing a number of holiday songs, many a capella, including “All is Well,” “Angel Medley,” “Carol of Bells” and “Silent Holy Night.”

AHS junior Christy Couch said she’s excited about the “honor” to be in the zoo’s program.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” she said excitedly of her first-ever zoo performance.

Brock Dodson, AHS senior, said when the school was asked he was “shocked and surprised” as they’d never done such a performance before.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get our community’s name and the choir’s name out there to Indianapolis so they know who we are,” he said. “It will also be interesting and cool being able to perform at the zoo.”

Alexandria-Monroe Junior High’s seventh- and eighth-grade choirs will be performing during the monthlong event as well. Stephen Fleck, senior and junior high choir and drama director, said not only will his students take advantage of the outing but they plan to do a service-oriented performance at a hospital or other facility.

“I want choir to be an experience,” Fleck said. “Music is really nothing if you don’t experience it. We can sit in a room and learn songs, but part of the reason we are involved in music is to perform it. And what a great opportunity for a performance.”

The students will be singing “Mistletoe” as performed by Justin Bieber, “No Time to Diet,” and more traditional holiday tunes.