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April 5, 2014

Everyone's Buddy

County councilman serves community by performing, disc jockeying during free time

ANDERSON — Given his schoolboy grin and love of disc jockeying, it doesn’t take long to figure out why Buddy Patterson is Madison County’s biggest kid.

“I met Dick Clark once, and told him I was Anderson’s oldest teenager,” Patterson said. “He didn’t seem too impressed, but he was really nice.”

Patterson might not have completely convinced the late “American Bandstand” host of his youthful state, but the two had more in common than being young at heart. While the 76-year-old Chesterfield resident may be known for his role as a county councilman, Patterson’s other calling has always been music.

He has rooms full of records in his house, so many that the floor has actually cracked under the weight. He also has two tool sheds full of albums, and he fills up some of his free time as a disc jockey.

Patterson found his passion for music back when he actually was a teenager.

After graduating from high school, Patterson used to put on dances in a parking lot between Main and Meridian streets. He’d also go to dances that were for the 18-and-younger crowd.

“I went there so long I was as old as the chaperones,” he said.

And while he grew up for a bit in order to raise his two sons, he couldn’t stay away from hosting. By the early 1980s, he started throwing dance parties featuring oldies favorites.

“That was before you heard '50s and '60s music on the radio again,” Patterson said. “It had faded away. I like to think I brought it back.”

He also regularly performs with his wife, Joyce Patterson, at nursing homes and throughout the community. It’s an additional – and much different – way he can help people in Madison County.

They have a few nursing homes they visit regularly, all for free. The Pattersons refuse to accept money because they feel they’ll be paid in heaven.

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