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December 5, 2013

Live gaming not on 2014 docket in Indiana

Rep. Dermody, Mike Smith say live gaming discussion 'unlikely'


Dermody, while not completely ruling it out, said he didn’t think live dealers will be discussed this session.

"I can't even speak to know if that is something that has been filed or not," Dermody said. "But I think that discussion will be for future sessions after this next one."

He said he will be having talks with Gov. Mike Pence about gaming and possible expansion but he said the governor is against any type of expansion, including adding live gaming.

Dermody said he has been in favor of live gaming before but now as chair of the Public Policy Committee needs to think about the impact on a statewide level.

While live gaming would be a good thing for land-based casinos and casinos with racetracks, there is a fear adding that would take customers away from smaller riverboat casinos.

Even though Dermody's inexperience at his new position is a hamper to moving big issues forward this year, Smith said he looks forward to working with the representative over the next few years.

"Representative Dermody obviously comes from a community that has gaming, he doesn't have any personal opposition to gaming," Smith said. "So I think from an industry standpoint he's a very open individual and it's going to be good to have someone of his character in that position."

Smith said 2015 might be time for the casinos to look at the industry as a whole and how they might change it.

“We are facing some troubling times right now,” Smith said. “Going forward we have to look at our business model. We have to look at expanding our model.”

Specifically, he wants to try and reform the way casinos are taxed.

“For the future of the industry, we need to look at the whole tax model,” Smith said. “And certainly we need to look at the admission tax.”

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