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November 7, 2012

Amish Cook: Approach of year's end brings flurry of winter preparations

We have entered the 11th month of this year already.  Where did time go so fast?  Every year seems to go faster than the year before.  A happy 40th birthday goes to brother-in-law Jacob. His birthday is Nov. 1. It is a nice and sunny but cold day here in Michigan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones in New York and New Jersey who experienced such devastation from last week’s storm.

Susan and I did the laundry and hung most of it in the basement. Susan hung some of it out on the line. We also hung dresses and shirts on hangers and then hung them on a chain on the porch. The breeze dries them really fast there.

Yesterday we finally finished up with our painting.  Most of it had been done but we still needed to get some small places such as behind the stove and refrigerator.  While we had everything pulled out we gave the stove and refrigerator  a thorough cleaning.  Next on our list to do is clean out in the cabinets and wash curtains and windows before the snow starts to fly. We have raked some of our leaves but most of them have blown away or are gathered in piles by our out-building. Joe and the boys cleaned out the garden and tilled both on Saturday. That makes garden things for 2012 history now. I still do have some tomatoes and hot and green peppers left from the garden.

Loretta has started therapy now. She also has the AFO braces which are a lot more comfortable than the air cast. She has a splint which she has to wear during the night while she sleeps.  Those are a little bit harder for her to get used to.  Her therapy is weekly but she does some every day at home. For some of the therapy, she needs help.  So far we are seeing good results from the surgery. We hope she will keep getting her strength back.

We need to get busy packing because tomorrow we leave for Sugarcreek, Ohio. We plan to stay until Sunday.  We will sleep at Joe’s Uncle John and Susie’s house both nights. Aunt Lovina wants us to come for dinner at her and her husband Abe’s house on Sunday.  She told her children that live close by to come also.  We also want to visit with Joe’s Uncle Solomon. He is still recuperating from an 11-foot fall while he was at work. And then we’ll visit Joe’s sister Esther and his brother, Benjamin. We look forward to seeing everyone again. The children are excited about going. Kevin asked if they have cougars or bears in Ohio. He said he hopes they do because he wants to see one. I imagine he would change his mind if he would ever see one up close.

Next week we have someone coming to look at my grandfather’s clock.  It hasn’t worked for quite a few years and we just never got it fixed. It will be nice to have it working again.  It was a gift from Joe to me almost 20 years ago.

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