The Herald Bulletin

March 27, 2012

Madison County sees commuters going in, coming out

By Margaret Maynard
For The Herald Bulletin

— Sam Taylor, a deputy prosecuting attorney in Wayne County, commutes 60 miles or more each way from Anderson to his job in Richmond, Indiana, depending on his travel route; he admits to having tried them all.

“I have been commuting to Richmond for four years and nine months,” said Taylor. “Prior to taking the job, I was a deputy prosecutor in Madison County for Rodney Cummings and also had a small private practice.”

Taylor’s wife, Mary Lou, is an accountant and she also commutes to work.

“Mary Lou was employed by Guide Corporation as an accountant and was given the opportunity to change jobs a few months before the plant shut down,” said Taylor. “We are blessed in that regard because I know that many people that worked there have not been so fortunate. She does not commute as far, but she still has a bit of a drive and $4 a gallon for gas doesn’t help, but there is not much any of us can do about that.”

“We have two children, James, age 21, and Morgan, age 15,” said Taylor.

“I know that the number of commuters is rising,” said Taylor. “In today’s economy, people simply have to go where the work is.

“I suppose that we could relocate, but with the housing market being the way it is, it just does not seem like a good idea at this point,” Taylor said. “Plus, our daughter is still in high school, and we want her to be able to finish in the same school system where she started kindergarten.”

Taylor expressed that even though there are quite a few challenges that come with commuting, there are also benefits.

“I very much enjoy my current job and the people I work with,” Taylor said.

“The drive is actually beneficial, because I can mentally prepare myself for the day ahead on the way in to work,” said Taylor. “At the end of the day, the drive gives me an opportunity to wind down from the stresses that come with the job.  All in all, I can’t complain.”