The Herald Bulletin

March 27, 2012

Bell hits the road for Indy

By Margaret Maynard
For The Herald Bulletin

— Samantha Bell, 23, who goes by Sammy, commutes from the north side of Anderson to downtown Indianapolis four days a week.

“I’m a radiologic technologist, aka radtech, and work at Methodist Hospital, which is a Trauma 1 hospital,” said Sammy. “I’ve been commuting about 4 years now, including when I commuted for school. I completed my clinicals at Methodist for the Ball State radiography program.”

It takes about 50 minutes to an hour each way, so Sammy puts a lot of miles on her car. “I drive 400-plus miles every week,” said Bell. “I’ve gotten used to driving, so it isn’t as bad to me as people that don’t do it think it is.”

“The only part I don’t like,” said Bell, “is getting off of work and still having an hour to go before I’m home.  Or having to be on a strict time schedule in the morning, because being 5 or 10 minutes late driving on the interstate could make you a half hour late to work. You have to be prepared for any traffic incidents or major construction, which can be difficult at times. Also, during bad snow, which luckily we haven’t had this year, it could double the amount of time one way.”

“My stepdad is a commuter, too,” said Bell. “He is in masonry and his company is out of Indianapolis, so he goes all over Indy depending on where his next job is. He has been commuting for several years.”

Bell admits she is very family oriented and will probably always be a commuter.

“I’m single but in a serious relationship,” said Bell. “Currently, I live with my parents but have lived on my own before.

“For the most part I like the area I live in,” said Bell. “I wouldn’t live within 10 minutes from work because it isn’t the best of areas.  Also, I like to live close to my family and friends. Like I said, I’ve just gotten used to driving. It’s an adjustment.”