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December 4, 2013

Frankton girls get on winning track

By Travis Whitton For The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — Editor’s note: Due to transmission problems, this story could not be included in Wednesday’s edition. The game was played Tuesday night.

FRANKTON – Two teams faced off in the Eagles Nest searching for their first win of the season, and when the final horn sounded it was Frankton outscoring Eastern (Greentown) 39-27 for the victory.

Both teams struggled to find their offense throughout the game, but the Eagles (1-4) took a 5-2 lead early in the first quarter and would never relinquish it with a steady dose of drives that sent them to the foul line.

The Comets (0-5) took 20 three-pointers in the game, only hitting three, and mustered just five free-throws, missing all of them. Meanwhile, Frankton didn’t fare well from the line, but it got there 19 times and connected on nine.

Making the game more interesting was the fact that Justin Coomer – longtime assistant to Jimmy Howell’s Lapel boys’ team – is now at the helm of the Eastern girls basketball team.

“It is kind of weird being here, but I kind of like the gym. I was looking forward to it. I thought it would be a little different coming here in a different uniform,” said Coomer.

Although there was some nostalgia with the Comets’ coach coming back under a different set of circumstances, he wasn’t there to reminisce of his Lapel days gone by. Coomer was there to try to coach his girls to a win, but came away frustrated with the fact that they couldn’t hit their open shots.

Eastern shot a lowly 12-of-55 from the field on the night, and their coach said that is something they’ve struggled with all season.

“That’s been our big problem,” said Coomer of the missed shots. “We don’t always get the greatest shots. Most of the times we have pretty good looks. We just haven’t been hitting them. I try to get them to shoot game speed in practice. I think sometimes they just kind of rush it a little bit. We had a lot of good looks, but we didn’t get many to go down.”

Frankton coach Dean Riddle said that his girls need to play better, but he said that they work hard and time will help remedy his young team’s woes.

“We obviously have to play a lot better, but the kids are playing hard and I think we’ll get better,” he said. “It’s just going to take some time. We’ve just got to go to work everyday and punch the clock. I don’t know what else to do.”

Riddle said his team will gel when the game’;s pace slows. He feels like that will come with more playing time.

“In their eyes right now, I think the game is a blur in some of their eyes,” said the coach. “Until the game slows down a little bit for them - execution is an issue. We just have to keep repeating it, just keep coming at it.”

Katie Key finished the game with 18 points for the Eagles to lead all scorers. Riddle said that he was particularly pleased with the play of Ashtyn Rastetter, who finished with 11 points, and Kaylee Irwin who had just one point, but pulled down a monstrous 12 rebounds.

Due to transmission problems, this story could not be included in Wednesday's edition. The game was played Tuesday night.