The Herald Bulletin

November 10, 2012

Small rooms, great space

Angelopoulos family enjoys their open concept design

By Emma Bowen Meyer
For The Herald Bulletin

PENDLETON, Ind. — While some people search for a home with a large gathering space to entertain guests, others have an eye on finding one with small rooms that allow privacy and retreat. Chris and Eva Angelopoulos — owners of Eva’s Pancake Houses and Sell It Again, Sam — have managed to find a combination of both.

“This floor is great for get-togethers because the kitchen is open to the dining room and the living room and is so spacious,” said Eva. “But then the kids can go down to the family room and the adults can stay up here. Everybody has their own space.”

With a beautiful open concept design, one room flows flawlessly into the next. A master at decorating, Eva has fashioned stylish looks in each space that complement one another.

“I get inspired by one piece,” said Eva of her decorating style. “I buy it and work the rest of the room around it. For instance, I’m a workaholic and never have time to go on vacation so I decided it would be great to wake up in the Mediterranean every day. I painted the walls blue in the bedroom and placed netting over the bed and seashells lying around.”

A vantage point

More than simply adding a touch here or there, Chris and Eva have made some serious upgrades during their 12-year stay. From installing new floors to adding granite countertops to mounting crown molding to replacing faucets, the couple has invested in the home.

“Bob Taylor originally built this as a spec home and it was the first in the neighborhood (Fiddler’s Green),” said Eva. “He put his heart and soul in it, and it is obvious.”

Her favorite place to sit is in the living room, where she can see the entire neighborhood. From this high vantage point, she can see both out the front windows and the French doors in the back. Having enjoyed watching the homes as they were built around her, she is happy to say she has visited each one.

“It is very nice and quiet here,” said Chris. “The schools are nice and we are close to everything.”

Originally the walk-out basement housed two bedrooms along with the family room — which was a perfect set-up when the couple still had three children at home. Once the older two moved out, the space was altered for their remaining son, Jimmy.

By removing a section of the wall that separated the two bedrooms, Chris and Eva created a suite that would be the envy of any teenage boy. A sitting area on one side for hanging out with friends is open to his bedroom, which is loaded with a television and gaming systems.

What was once the family room has been transformed into office space for the busy business owners.

Although they have enjoyed living in this home — and lovingly upgrading it along the way — they are ready for the next stage of life.

“This house was perfect for what we wanted when everybody was still home, but now it is too big for us,” said Eva. “We are interested in a ranch-style house now because I have five grandchildren and it would be a lot easier to watch them without a second level.”

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