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June 8, 2013

A Pendleton home with European flair

By Emma Bowen Meyer For The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — PENDLETON – In a bold move, Tony and Leslie Taylor purchased their home from another state sight unseen. A friend had walked through with a video camera and posted the footage online, but the feel and details of a house cannot be measured remotely.

Fortunately, they were not only pleased with their decision, but amazed. While walking through for the first time, they were floored by the beauty and charm of their new space.

“It’s funny because years ago my dad drove me through this neighborhood and told me I needed to live here,” said Leslie, who works for a podiatrist in Fishers. “I thought we could never afford it. When we were looking this home, I didn’t want a lot of empty, wasted space – like in the homes I was seeing in Fishers and Geist. This fit my style.”

“This one is so unique in design,” added Tony, retired from the Army, but continuing his work in the finance program. He enjoys staying close to the troops as he trains them to use finance technology. “We like the country French look.”

“At one point I sold all my furniture and replaced everything with antiques,” said Leslie. “I could picture these antiques in this house and I like the European flair. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing house.”

Since the couple has traveled the world due to Tony’s career in the Army, most of these exquisite antiques are from Europe. Many were found dusty in a storage room in one location or anther around Belgium.

“I couldn’t believe people were just trying to get rid of these beautiful pieces,” said Leslie. “It was important to me to showcase them as best we possibly could.”

Perfectly arranged throughout the home are lovely one-of-a-kind pieces that tell their own stories. Rugs from Tony’s trips to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia accentuate the floor. Copper pots from France hang in the kitchen. Crystal and glassware collected from thrift stores in Europe fill the butler’s pantry.

Transitioning to life in Pendleton has been an adjustment. Accustomed to living in a bustling city in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area for the last six years – the longest they have lived anywhere since originally leaving Anderson – they were not prepared for silence.

“I miss being able to walk everywhere,” said Leslie “A lot of people were living their lives outside because the townhouses were just too small.”

“It took some adjusting because we loved the city life,” said Tony. “But our townhouse only had 900 square feet and two windows. I missed having a lawn and now I’ve got this great yard to work in.”

Moving from a cramped living area to a spacious home must feel glorious because they use every bit of their new square footage. Still, they spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Having changed the landscaping more than any other part of the house, they have replaced the natural garden with a beautiful manicured oasis. Raising a pergola by the pool has created a space to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Not only did the couple hit the jackpot with the house, they have also reaped the benefits of landing in a dream neighborhood. Those living nearby are more than polite and helpful, they are very close friends.

“We love the neighborhood,” said Leslie. “They have embraces our parent as their own. We even vacation together.

“They love to entertain,” said Tony. “We have progressive dinners around Christmastime and it’s fun to see 40 people walking around the neighborhood in the cold weather.

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