The Herald Bulletin

June 7, 2014

Condo living

AU connection brings couple to University Village

By Emma Bowen Meyer
For The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — Since Herb and Betty Pruett were drawn to this area via Anderson University — and they met walking the campus byways — it is only fitting they have retired to University Village, the condominiums with a direct connection to the school.

“If you grew up in the Church of God and you went to school, you went to Anderson University,” said Betty, who hailed from West Virginia. “It was a strong place for students to come.”

Herb didn’t have to travel quite as far to school, as his home was Indianapolis. Still, the couple remained nearby after graduation as he became a teacher and later a principal in the Anderson Community Schools and she worked for Delco Remy.

While raising their four children, they lived in a large home in Middletown. After the kids were grown, they decided condo living would be preferable.

“We had a big house and a big yard with big trees and it was a lot of work,” said Betty, married 58 years. “We wanted to downsize and were surprised to find these condos. We didn’t even know they were here.”

Building their unit in 2000, they were able to choose from a handful of layouts and then tweak the design to suit their lifestyle. Since it was the third time they had built a home, they knew exactly what they wanted.

“What I noticed was that every layout had the kitchen in the front of the house and this is the first time I had that,” said Betty. “I love it. You get to see out the front instead of the back. It’s a great design.”

One spacious area combines the kitchen and dining room and is enlarged further as no wall separates the dining area from the living room. The cathedral ceiling adds to the roomy feel and a consistent color scheme unifies the areas.

Bright white walls, fireplace and cabinets give the home a cheery and clean atmosphere. Navy blue accents offer the perfect contrast for the eyes.

The only changes the Pruetts made to the floor plan were to add a Florida room and a den. Expansive as it stretches across the length of the sizeable great room and the master bedroom, the Florida room features a fireplace and two conversation areas.

While moving to a condominium allows them the opportunity to leave yard work to someone else, they simply can’t keep their hands out of the dirt. Pulling up in the driveway, visitors immediately know that the flowers love the Pruetts as much as the Pruetts love the flowers.

“In Middletown we had so many trees that I had to mostly find shade plants and hostas,” said Betty. “Here we mostly have direct sunlight, so I had to read up on the flowers that eat up a lot of sun. I love the beauty of flowers – they are God’s beauty. Summer would not be summer without a lot of beautiful, beautiful flowers.”

Although she likes the colors they add to the scenery, she sticks to her favorites when planting — pink, white, blue and purple. She doesn’t mix more hues that those.

“I can pretty much be out there all day long,” she added. “I even plant the flowers down at the clubhouse.”

Although she can name a number of pleasant things about her home and the community in which she lives, her favorite part of living in University Village is a very practical one.

“It is centrally located,” she said. “I am five minutes from everything — anything and everything.”

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