The Herald Bulletin

October 6, 2012

Creative playground

Markle's home showcases ideas from her own popular website

By Emma Bowen Meyer
For The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — In seeking a creative outlet, Peggy Markle has sparked the imagination of others.

Beginning a blog to share her home beautification projects with interested crafters, she never anticipated attracting over 19,000 visits to her page.

“My blog is my creative playground,” said Markle, who has been consistently posting tips and tricks since Sept. 10, 2011. “When I started out, I wrote every day of the week but then decided the regimen was cramping my creativity. Now I wait till the creative muse speaks and I only post when I really feel I have something to show.”

From gardening to cooking to refashioning furniture, she has the bases covered. Dotting the pages with humor, inspiration and artistic expression, she delivers more than how-to articles. She makes readers feel as if they have stepped through her front door and sat down to a cup of coffee with the muse herself.

Inspiration often strikes her during her favorite activity — mowing. Not only does she visualize ideas with projects, but also ideas for mowing patterns into the yard. Her blog features some of her own work and fantastic large-scale projects created on famous baseball diamonds.

Despite her work with upholstery, paint, plants and furniture — not to mention her large following — Markle is quite humble about her talents.

“I never really thought of myself as a creative person,” she said. “My passion is nesting and designing an inviting home.”

Her newer, open concept home in the Pacific Northwest made her crave smaller, cozier rooms when she moved to Anderson 12 years ago. Purchasing the traditional, older home near Forest Hills inspired her to experiment with mediums.

As her abilities and confidence grew, her daughter, Laura, encouraged her to share her experiences online. Calling the site, Markle uses her middle name as she thinks of posts as notes to herself. While she may imagine them as personal jottings, she has readers all over the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, Australia, Russia, Israel, China, the Ukraine and South Africa.

“As a native of Hickory, North Carolina (a city known for furniture making), I feel like working with furniture is in my blood,” she said. “I’ve always enjoyed painting walls and furniture. It is satisfying, relaxing and therapeutic. And I find joy in telling the story in words and pictures.”

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