Gov. Holcomb devotes new funds, fresh energy to agency

The health and welfare of Indiana's children, especially those in difficult or dangerous situations, is something our state's leaders must be able to better manage. Government, through various agencies, can't do it all. But it can certainly do more than it has been doing.

As vice president of the Kokomo School Board, Cristi Brewer-Allen certainly should've known better than to operate an unlicensed day care.

The note on the front window of the Kate Spade store was unassuming.

It said that the founder of the company had passed and that the thoughts of all employees were with her and her loved ones.

Although Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer delivered a message of diversity and inclusion at the state convention this weekend, overshadowing the event was a battle between moderate conservatives and social conservatives over platform language regarding the definition of a “family.”

Voices of protest often aren’t popular with the nation’s general public.

Yet, that expression of dissent is quintessentially American. It’s a vehicle for changing policies, minds and habits. Those facing the changes, especially the powerful, often res

A while back, I wrote a column that seemed to anger almost everyone.

In it, I said it was fitting Bill Clinton and Donald Trump would be linked in history, because their conduct was more similar than partisans of either man would like to acknowledge.

In the flooding of 2008, those stranded and desperate routinely found goodhearted, neighborly people around them — including those who were also dealt hardships by the flood. A decade later, that generous spirit stands out as the bright spot of a flood with highest estimated damage costs of any disaster in state history.

Despite resistance from social conservative, change in the wind

On Oct. 6, 2014, same-sex marriage became legal in Indiana. On that day, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a U.S. District Court ruling striking down Indiana's law declaring marriage as being a union only between a man and a woman.

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