The Herald Bulletin

September 22, 2013

Marriage licenses

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Marriage Licenses

NOR subhed italic:Marriage license applications filed in Madison County

NOR Body no bullet:Aug. 3-Sept.3, 2013

Dan Lewis Priest Jr., 42, Anderson, and Angela S. Ferrell, 46, Anderson

Charles P. Hendrickson, 60, Anderson, and Loucinda S. McCormack, Anderson, 55

Daniel T. Mills, 24, Anderson, and Brittany Nicole McCord, 21, Anderson

Phillip R. Moore, 57, Anderson, and Nancy A. Moore, 58, Anderson

Kevin E. Knauer, 28, Frankton, Kristin D. Wasson, 26, Frankton

Kip Rajesh Lacy, 34, Tipton, and Summer A. McClure, 29, Anderson’

Craig Michael Scarberry, 31, Anderson, and Courtney Michelle Hill, 31, Alexandria

David E. Kitz, 26, Milwaukee, Wis., and Kristi Denise Kessinger, 27, Milwaukee, Wis.

Larry J. Dunlap, 24, Ohio City, Ohio, and Charity Christine Ruark, 22, Tustin, Mich.

Jerome Carl Bennefeld, 50, Anderson, and Debra J. Newlin, 51, Anderson

Brian A. Terrell, 26, Plainfield, and Amy Lynne Flaugh, 26, Anderson

David R. Soultz, 27, Markleville, and Ashley N. Davis, 23, Markleville

Travis M. Sayles, 23, Elwood, and Catherine Elizabeth Johnson, 22, Elwood

Nathaniel Boyce Werling, 26, Indianapolis, and Emily Celeste Dishman, 23, Elwood

Alfred R. Steele, 52, Anderson, and Frances A. Brisker, 43, Anderson

Jesse L. King Sr., 38, Anderson, and Cristie Ann Hall, 37, Anderson

Jeremy R. Newman, 32, Anderson, and Jennie Marie Newman, 27, Anderson

NOR Body no bullet:Curtis Brian Daugherty, 27, Anderson, and Angela N. Mushett, 33, Anderson

Thomas E. Claypool, 47, Anderson, and Kristina R. Hewitt, 43, Anderson

Anthony B. Gregg, 30, Alexandria, and Brook Renae Sayre, 23, Alexandria

Tracer N. Towner, 22, Elwood, and Ashley B. Long, 27, Elwood

Kyle Dylan Grinstead, 21, Anderson, and Brittany Lea Frye, 21, Anderson

Jeffrey Glenn Burke, 40, Elwood, and Kerstin Nicole Smith, 25, Elwood

Christian Chase Merrell, 24, Alexandria, and Beth Anne McDermit, 27, Alexandria

William B. Bugby, 42, Summitville, and Michelle Dawn Lewis, 32, Summitville

Jonathan Michael Jones, 27, Anderson, and Danyelle Olene Edgreen, 28, Anderson

Cory Joe Wayne Nickerson, 21, Anderson, and Tiffany Nicole Chapin, 19, Anderson

Matthew S. Rose, 42, Anderson, and Lucia Espiritu-Montes, 53, Anderson

Jeffrey D. Beenes, 25, Palos Park, Ill., and Allison C. Spalding, 26, Willowbrook, Ill.

Kenneth L. Wisler, 53, Orestes, and Nena L. Wisler, 56, Orestes

Michael Raymond Dye, 24, Elwood, and Whitney Nicole Sprague, 25, Frankton

Matthew Allen Rigney, 26, Anderson, and Chelsea Ailene Stafford, 24, Anderson

Travis R. Harris, 31, Elwood, and Molly Lorene Jackson, 32, Chesterfield

Scott A. Gull, 45, Anderson, and Rebecca A. Allen, 43, Alexandria

David Kent Wittkamper, 27, Elwood, and Autumn Anne Silvey, 18, Frankton

Zachary Thomas Remington, 23, Anderson, and Sara Elizabeth Wagner, 24, Grand Blanc, Mich.

Dallas E. Thornberry, 42, Anderson, and Chantel E. Fadely, 49, Anderson

NOR Body no bullet:David Michael Franks, 22, Anderson, and Emily Jessann Lawrence, 25, Anderson

Brandon Allen Buckner, 22, Anderson, and Lyndsey Michelle Parton, 21, Anderson

Charlie D. Farmer, 48, Anderson, and Carla K. Evans, 48, Anderson

Kevin Eugene Hunt Jr., 29, Anderson, and Tabitha Lynn Olson, 36, Anderson

Azeez Oladipupo Adeshina, 23, Riverdale, Md., and Holly Michelle Childers, 30, Anderson

David Denney Reeseman, 44, Pendleton, and Racquel D. Skiles, 39, Anderson

Aaron L. Sink, 22, Anderson, and Deserai Jacquline Lavone Jones Hammers, 18, Anderson

Justin Connor Trueblood, 19, Pendleton, and Ivonne Guadalupe Salcedo, 18, Pendleton

Craig T. DeWitt, 50, Middletown, Pa., and Carol J. Lopez, 51, Albuquerque, N.M.

Brian Joseph Christlieb, 28, Anderson, and Jessica Mae Klingler, 22, Anderson

Anthony J. Hartman, 26, Alexandria, and Amanda R. Davis, 24, Anderson

Buford E. Hatter, 23, Anderson, and Tara D. Parmer, 22, Anderson

Travis Gene Boles, 41, Pendleton, and Amy Lynn Smith, 34, Pendleton

Timothie Lee Snead, 27, Anderson, and Ashlee R. Lewis, 26, Anderson

Kyle Kenneth Draper, 26, Alexandria, and Courtney Noel Shewmaker, 24, Daleville

Michael Alfred Nyboer, 58, Anderson, and Celeste M. Shultz, 40, Anderson

Michael J. Murphy, 30, Pendleton, and Amanda Dee Hall, 29, Pendleton

John P. Belcher, 39, Pendleton, and Becky L. Young, 27, Fortville

Derek W. Jacobs, 33, Pendleton, and Elsa M. King, 35, Pendleton

Troy M. Dray, 50, Anderson, and Carrie L. Lewis, 51, Anderson

Daniel Belli Cruz, 21, Anderson, and Amanda Nicole Mathis, 32, Anderson

Timothy Glenn Jones, 48, Noblesville, and Louwana R. Lierman, 44, Anderson

Adam R. Barth, 25, Alexandria, and Courtney Ann Erfurth, 24, Alexandria

Matthew Kirk Sanders, 19, Anderson, and Paisha Taylor Victoria Lynn Hensley, 19, Chesterfield

NOR Body no bullet:Steven F. Bemish, 39, Shirley, and Dana Lynn Jamison, 41, Pendleton

Jeffrey Ronald Goltz, 41, Summitville, and Traci Marie Freeze-Baker, 41, Greenwood

Jacob Nathaniel Smith, 30, Anderson, and Sarah Jo Wentworth, 22, Anderson

Bobby Allen Bair, 30, Anderson, and Alyssa R. Sullivan, 26, Alexandria

Matthew J. Scott, 25, Pendleton, and Breanna Lee Abraham, 21, Pendleton

Gerald L. Shaw Jr., 50, Pendleton, and Kimela K. Hurt, 54, Pendleton

Beau O’Neil Huffer, 26, Anderson, and Angela Kay Leisure, 34, Daleville

Matthew R. Fischer, 41, Pendleton, and Gina Renee McDermott, 32, Noblesville

Robert Joseph Hickey, 47, Anderson, and Tammie J. Grayson, 51, Anderson

Christopher Ryan Hollenback, 26, Anderson, and Katherine Marie Pursley, 24, Anderson

Nicholas P. Clifton, 32, Wabash, and Carolyn L. Edwards, 34, Anderson

William M. Mort, 56, Pendleton, and Melissa J. Phipps, 41, Pendleton

Matthew Ryan Short, 22, Pendleton, and Katelyn Jo Haywood, 21, Pendleton

Jesse E. Beal, 23, Summitville, and Katherine C. Kitchens, 21, Marion

Matthew W. Shively, 29, Frankton, and Roberta Jean Burkhead, 25, Frankton

Christopher Dean Sexton, 33, Anderson, and Leah Nichole Bowman, 31, Anderson

Anthony Sherman Smith, 29, Elwood, and Krista Marie Alice Smith, 24, Elwood

Michael Ray Beeler, 51, Fortville, and Dennie Ann Persinger, 47, Fortville

Justin N. Runyan, 23, Elwood, and Marissa Brianne Ault, 22, Elwood

Brady Lee Roundtree, 24, Anderson, and Mackenzie Erin House, 20, Daleville

Jack L. Morgan, 67, Anderson, and Pearlie Mae Cooper, 46, Anderson

Kirk W. Ritenour, 30, Anderson, and Amanda Lynn Smith, 33, Anderson

Scott A. Pelley, 24, Anderson, and Courtney Leigh Sheets, 24, Anderson

Bradley M. LaShure, 41, Elwood, and Heather A. Hampton, 35, Elwood

Robert Scott Rodgers, 27, Portland, and Charity Pauline Smith, 27, Anderson

Samuel Charles Heffernan, 18, Anderson, and Chelsea Jo Roy, 18, Anderson

Brandal L. Huffman, 26, Anderson, and Kyleigh N. Carter, 25, Anderson

James Douglas Meckfessel, 25, Anderson, and Ambi Lynn Noland, 32, Anderson

Nicholas T. Summers, 23, Anderson, and Amber Corrine Fording, 19, Anderson

J. Nathaniel Ashby, 29, Anderson, and Kelly Michelle Gossett, 27, Anderson

Dennis D. Stittums, 43, Anderson, and Connie S. Sparks, 36, Anderson

NOR Body no bullet:Ryan M. Rees, 30, Indianapolis, and Charity L. Brewer, 31, Anderson

James Dean Fridley Jr., 30, Anderson, and Amber Michelle Daniels, 20, Anderson

David Lance Love, 49, Anderson, and Deborah Lynn Rigsby, 49, Anderson

Abel Javier Fiscal, 26, Anderson, and Sandy Michelle Wooden, 31, Anderson

Matthew Christopher Myers, 28, Cicero, and Lana K. Hall, 33, Anderson

Samuel Stephen Cox, 51, Anderson, and Christie L. Downam, 38, Anderson