The Herald Bulletin

January 4, 2014

Five generations: Jackey

— Five generations of the Jackey family are pictured.

Left to right: Great-great-grandfather, Leo Jackey; great-grandfather, Paul Jackey; grandmother, Sharon Ripley; mother, Ashley Rombo holding baby, Nathaniel Rombo.

The family includes a lot of USA military not pictured. The father, Jesse Rombo, is presently serving in the U.S. Army, Aunt Nikki and Uncle Britt and cousin, Evelyn Ripley are serving in the Navy. Aunt Megan Ripley is a senior in high school M.R.O.T.C. and plans to join the Navy after graduating this year. Grandmother Sharon and grandfather, Barry Ripley served in the U.S. Army. Great-grandmother, Dona Sayre served in the Air Force. Great-grandmother Shiela Jackey served in the Navy and great-great-grandfather (pictured) in the Army.