The Herald Bulletin

September 7, 2013

Births: Sept. 8

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Births at area hospitals include:


A girl to Francina Jo Lehman and Robert Gene Koons, Anderson, Aug. 18.

A boy to Derek Alan and Bambi Leigh Norris, Chesterfield, Aug. 18.

A girl to Nicole Latricia Buchanan and Kevin Arnell Fuller, Anderson, Aug.19.

A girl to Rhett Allan and Lindy Kay Riggs, Middletown, Aug. 19.

A girl to Chrystal Leah Carr and Edward Antle Sutton, Anderson, Aug. 20.

A boy to Shelby Laine Mayes and Bailey Robert Wiley, Chesterfield, Aug. 20.

A boy to Brandon Joe-Paul and Kara Joy Kirk, Anderson, Aug. 21.

A boy to Levi Owen and Brittney Nicole Griffee, Daleville, Aug. 22.

A girl to Melissa Lynn Dehart and Todd Mathew Goldman, Indianapolis, Aug. 22.

A boy to Erin Danielle Burnworth and Aaron Keith Thomas, Marion, Aug. 23.

A girl to Christina Renee Bush and Miguel Guerrero, Chesterfield, Aug. 26.

A girl to Neil R.A.E. and Rebekah Susanna Eliason, Anderson, Aug. 27.

A boy to Lonnita Suzanne Short and Nathaniel Cullom Lewis Neblett, Anderson, Aug. 28.

A boy to Kristopher Allan and Ashley Noel Wallace, Anderson, Aug. 30.

A girl to Aubrey Elizabeth Sheward and Tyler Matthew Herzner, Anderson, Aug. 30.

A boy to Jerrika Anne Steblek and Shawn Michael Chapman, Chesterfield, Aug. 31.

A girl to Rachel Nichole Warren and Nathaniel Scott McClain, Muncie, Aug. 30.

A girl to Charles Clayton and Amanda Lee Wiley, Pendleton, Sept. 2.


A girl to Brandon and Chelsea Perkins, Muncie, Aug. 28.

A girl to Matthew and Marissa Heritage, Anderson, Aug. 28.

A girl to Jack and Krystal Bradshaw, Eaton, Aug. 29.

A boy to Sarah Denney and John Tripp, Anderson, Aug. 30.

A boy to Felicia France and Greg Toombs II, Anderson, Aug. 30.

A boy to Chynna Collins, Anderson, Aug. 30.

A girl to Ashely Freeman and Julian A. Steans, Anderson, Aug. 31.

Twin boys to Michal and Timothy Fortner, Noblesville, Aug. 31.

A girl to Lindsay and Rory Bay, Anderson, Sept. 2.

A boy to Robin and Joel Jacquette, Anderson, Sept. 2.A boy to Holly Arnold and Michael Gaw, Anderson, Sept. 2.

A boy to Brittany and Matt Guthrie, Lapel, Sept. 3.

A boy to Alia and Joshua Baugh, Anderson, Sept. 3.