The Herald Bulletin

August 15, 2013

Letter: Citizens, officials should listen to one another

— After a recent Madison County Council meeting (the one where the wheel tax was reinstated) Council member Lisa Hobbs and I discussed our opposing views.

She felt the county would use the money to repair and maintain county roads. I explained my reluctance to accept her view. I asked her to check out the county roads north of State Road 28 and west of State Road 9, specifically 1300 North and 100 West.

About two weeks later, an area in need of continual repair got repaired, better then ever, but the rest of 1300 North was ignored.

I called the county highway department and stated my pleasure in the excellent repair of bad spots and asked if he would send someone out to inspect the condition the rest of the road was left in. Three days later, 1300 North from State Road 9 to 400 West was patched.

Although I still oppose the additional wheel tax money, it’s easier to accept an imposed tax when it’s used for its stated purposes. I feel, too often, our elected officials ignore the citizen.

Will Madison County ever have an open government, with council and commissioners meetings at convenient times for citizen, not themselves?Imagine, if you would, the accomplishments that could be, if elected officials and citizens spoke to and truly listened to each other.

Danny Hayes