The Herald Bulletin

April 16, 2013

Letter: Former landfills raise questions

— I read that the county is planning a reservoir along the White River, through the area where I resided and played as a child. Looking on Google Earth and sliding the cursor around, you can see the area’s height along the river and surrounding grounds.

Depending on where they plan to dam the river, I see two past city landfills that will be covered. These were landfills before we started protecting ground water and worrying about ecology. One was at the end of Tousey Street, in Park Place. Look on Google Earth and you will see that this area is not residential; not just because it is in the flood plain, something lies under the ground there.

The second, much larger, was east of Scatterfield Road (the bypass in my day), behind the shopping center where Big Lots is now located. I can see that the area has been dug up and has filled with water. Has the refuse from all that landfill been removed? What does all that digging mean? Has the reservoir been in the planning stages for a long time and citizens just haven’t been notified?

I think if I lived in Anderson, or in the area that is to be flooded, I’d form a little group of people who lived around there in the 1940s and ’50s and start doing a little snooping. Who gains? Who loses? Over 400 homes will be destroyed. I’ll be willing to bet that people residing in those homes aren’t gainers.

Joe Justice

Winnabow, N.C.