The Herald Bulletin

February 14, 2014

Letter: De la Bastide's return to THB is good news

The Herald Bulletin

---- — A grateful thank-you to the editors of The Herald Bulletin for a much-needed addition.

I want to offer my welcome to reporter Ken de la Bastide; so far, in my opinion, his articles appear balanced and with firsthand research.

I am a concerned citizen in Madison County government. If Ken de la Bastide will investigate, write his findings with balance, in a weekly column, all of Madison County will benefit. I was in attendance, along with Ken, of two events he covered. I heard the same thing he reported.

I believe, Madison County elected officials, have for years, ignored and dispelled, attempts of citizen feedback. For example, I offer these facts: county council's meetings, with exception of 2011 and 2012, starting at or before 5 p.m., a time when most citizens are at work or yet to arrive home from work. If county commissioners even hold a meeting open to public with an opportunity for citizen feedback, I am not aware of it. Far too long, the only way the public knows, of what is happening in our Madison County government, is when they make a rare announcement and is carried by The Herald Bulletin, and any citizen feedback is by letters to editor.

Maybe now we will have access to weekly bits of information.

Danny Hayes