The Herald Bulletin

February 19, 2014

Letter: All candidates invited to speak at tea party meetings

The Herald Bulletin

---- — This year 2014, the citizen of Madison County has an opportunity to change the political direction of your party, your town and city, your county, state and nation. There are many reasons for the voter, regardless of the party, to accept his or her duty, take the time, make an effort, know how the person you vote for, will serve you.

Once the campaigns start, you will hear, see and read, the national and state candidates often enough to know, the one best represents your view.

However, the campaigns of local candidates, in most cases, are limited.

There is an organization in Madison County meeting in Alexandria, Anderson and Pendleton, all locations meet once each month, all having an open invitation regardless of citizen or candidate's political party. Many have accepted the invitation, some have not.

The money, time and effort spent is in pursuit of honest, conservative, constitutional government. The organization is Tea Party of Madison County, This is where the citizen and candidate meet and hear each other and in person.

Watch your newspaper's community calendar or briefs for information about the week's speakers and location, or call Danny Hayes 754-7251; Phil Davis 724-2253; Mike Miller, 356-4229; or Burel Tyner, 623-4836.

Danny Hayes