The Herald Bulletin

February 25, 2014

Letter: Republican Party is being torn apart

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Republican Party, in all its spin of "pretend we're different parties," doesn't in any way represent the working middle-class grunt.

They only represent the billionaire Wall Street crowd — the winner-take-all mentality with them winning. The voters better wise up.

According to the THB Feb. 8, all the Republican incumbents in Madison County have tea party primary opposition in May. The tea party is tearing the Republican Party apart. Us good Democrats say loudly, "keep up the good work" and "let us know who wins, so we will know who to vote against in November."

What the Republican tea party, conservative mob promises, if elected, is what they constantly preach — cuts to workers' pay and poor people programs and most insidious of all, the death of Social Security, Medicare and pensions.

The Republicans are still and will continue to be the party of "I have my job, now find your own." This is, after all, your jobs are now in Japan and China.

Frank Couch