The Herald Bulletin

December 26, 2013

Letter: Pence hates anything that Obama supports

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Remember all those Republicans, including our do-nothing governor Mike Pence, who said let General Motors go bankrupt? They said that it would be a waste of money to make loans to GM and to heck with the employees and those who were retired. The government no longer holds shares of GM stock, and GM is now back and stronger than ever.

Just another example of Republicans being on the wrong side of history. Just like Social Security, Medicare and now the Affordable Health Care Act. I've seen many letters to the editor blasting the new health care act and invoking God while doing so. Just another example of those who hate anything that President Obama is for, regardless of the effect on all Americans.

Pence hates Obama so much, that he is willing to let nearly 1 million Hoosiers go without health care. Instead of accepting Medicaid for those Hoosiers, which is paid for three years at no cost to the state, he stated that they can go the emergency room, the most expensive way to treat patients. We who are fortunate to have insurance pay for that through higher premiums. What would you expect from a tea-party governor who spent 12 years in Congress without passing any bills, and did not bring one job back to his district? Remember when he stood in front of a group of tea party members and said "I say let the government shut down"?

Jerry L. Hodson