The Herald Bulletin

December 26, 2013

Letter: Who will work to solve these problems?

The Herald Bulletin

---- — One in 6 do not have enough to eat, for the past 60 months unemployment has remained at at least 7 percent, thousands are homeless, and when I received a notice of 1.5 percent cost-of-living increase in my Social Security income that amount was taken by Obamacare to pay for the have-nots.

Millions are receiving food stamps and Medicaid. So, how do the above pay for this so-called health care or the monetary fine for not participating? It can be taken from their tax return because they don't have one.

Have you ever heard a candidate for election say they will work to heal these tragedies? Jobs and education are their agenda because from their surveys that is what the people want to hear and they have already destroyed both.

Patricia Mead