The Herald Bulletin

December 25, 2013

Letter: Revival of Christmas parade outstanding

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I have been reflecting on all the great holiday festivities in our community this year, but one stands out to me. This year's revival of our Christmas parade was a great time! It was everything we all hoped it would be — floats, lights, dancers, singing, sirens, horses, Santa and much, much more. Yes, all the trimmings to welcome in the Christmas season. Congratulations to all who helped!

I was there about an hour before the parade started and worried: Would there be many spectators? Was the advertising enough? Would those watching truly enjoy it? I am old enough to remember the many Meridian Street parades of years gone by — the circus parades, various sporting events, political, and on and on. Over time, so many things have moved from downtown. Could we have a parade that was just plain fun, celebrating Christmas and acknowledging how fortunate we are?

The crowd was great, from all over our county. The sidewalks where I was (Meridian just north of our beautiful Paramount) were full. Everyone was so happy, smiling was everywhere, families with little children, young folks, old folks, laughter, friendly greetings. It was a sight to warm all hearts. I was pleased to call it my home. As they say, "This is Madison County." Can't wait for next year. Let's keep the spirit all year long. Love to all.

Richard F. Davisson