The Herald Bulletin

December 28, 2013

Letter: Lake not likely to bring jobs

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Other than the "Pie in the Sky" — carrot on a stick, "lakeside property," what would a lake in the middle of Anderson do for Anderson? More jobs? More business employers? If that's the case they would have all moved to Lake Monroe years ago.

Once a year maybe a big bass tournament — see I can't wait. Oh, I mean carp tournament.

This brings up the inadequacies of the Republican Party, who seem to be behind this lake business, who passed legislation to kill unions in General Motors and Chrysler; along with all state workers rights. Since then our jobs have disappeared like a billionaire Haitian plantation owner after the Port-Au-Prince earthquake.

How on earth do you build a thriving economy by cutting pay, firing workers, and with a political agenda, refusing to hire?

Have the Florida sink holes come to Indiana? We are sinking into an anti-worker — pro rich sink hole. This conservative degrading philosophy spreading like Swiss Bank accounts.

The unions were accused to high car prices when in fact Carmel and Fishers are full of $60,000 to $100,000 cars — post unions. Yeah — yeah, you can buy $13,000 and $14,000 cars that are actually worth $5,000 one day after you buy it — get a big dent in one and they're worth a little more than bus fare.

America is becoming a junk cars and junk health insurance policies paradise. When it comes time for trade in, your car isn't worth anything and when you get sick your health insurance plan "sucks."

Frank Couch