The Herald Bulletin

January 31, 2014

Letter: More rights being taken from US citizens

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Congress should not allow President Obama to get away with all his "executive orders." Separation of powers was developed by our founding fathers to ensure check and balance in our government. There is a reason that Congress exists. The Executive Branch is not to rule in a tyrannical state. This administration seems to do what it wants with the help of a compliant media to protect, misinform and shield key information from the public.

It appears that one of the objectives of this administration is further destruction of the Constitution. Incrementally, more rights are being taken away from American citizens. It's like the frog sitting in water being heated example. Little by little the water is heated until finally the frog is cooked, and then it's too late.

In the near future expect to see global currency reset. It appears that there will be global currencies revalued. The global elitists will use this effort to devalue the dollar. At that time, inflation will gradually start affecting the American economy and it will shoot up substantially as time proceeds. Of course, our president knows all about these proceedings. He will skillfully sell "change" of the dollar's devaluation to his naive public. This, by the way, is a global elitist policy. Other globalist elitist polices include the Patriot Act and Obamacare, just to name two.

There has been an orchestrated demise for this nation; although, many still cannot see through the charade. America, you were given so much by God, my how you've changed.

Michael Imhof