The Herald Bulletin

February 3, 2014

Viewpoint: Core values — things that you would give your life for

By Burel Tyner Elwood resident
The Herald Bulletin

---- — I’m confused. Are you also?

How do you swear to uphold the Constitution if you don’t know what’s in it?

How do you take that oath then work to get rid of our freedoms described in the Constitution?

How do you say you are against abortion yet support the abortion party which has become the Socialist Democratic Party? Why have so many abandoned our country in favor of a party? Why don’t we vote to save our country by voting for people that insist on and working for constitutional government?

We now have mostly Socialist Democrats, a very few real Democrats, Constitutional Republicans and gutless Republicans. We also have a few Libertarians, but being a third party, they have more voice than power.

Why do we allow the government leaders pass laws and then exempt themselves from them?

We fought the Civil War that freed the slaves and now we are voting ourselves back into slavery to the federal government. The “Obamacare” law isn’t about health, it’s about government power over our lives.

I’m sure that you have heard of the tea party and Freedom Works, but have you ever attended a meeting? Yet you are willing to take the word of others as to what they stand for. As a member, let me tell you what they are all about. They stand for God and the Constitution. We invite speakers to come and present their case to the people. We don’t tell people how to vote, but ask them to vote for a constitutional leadership. The speaker may be of any party, race, or religion. We have had many of each. The speakers must sell themselves. We never allow heckling or abusive behavior. It’s harder to get Democrats to speak as peer pressure is hard to overcome.

In the THB Jan. 9, Mr. Willis (chairman of the Madison County Republican Party) mentioned that the “Mainstream Republicans” had contention with the tea party. Did he mean that they are against God or the Constitution? As a Republican and a tea party member, I would like to have this cleared up as would other Republicans.

I am now 78 years young and have lived through World War II and all wars since. I’ve watched our young men and women go off to war to protect the Constitution and our way of government. Many have died or been disabled, all to protect our country, only to have our leadership sell us out. We have put our children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren in debt and most have not been born yet. Why are we so much more important than they are? No way can we ever apologize enough for what we have done to them.

I pray that the sleeping Democrats and the gutless Republicans look at what has happened to our government and their party and use their vote to rid our government leadership of them. If not, then God help the United States and the World.