The Herald Bulletin

June 11, 2013

Letter: States rights crowd are obstructionists

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Wall Street and the Republicans want the Internal Revenue Department restructured. Yeah — like so they pay no taxes. They also want the states running their own affairs (states rights). We've already fought one war on the states' right to keep slavery (1861-'65), so why another one?

The states were wrong then. If the states were allowed to run Social Security and Medicare, the only people who could use either program would be the rich and the healthy. We, the people, would need permission to organize an army in case of attack from states, just like Tennessee and Kentucky during the Civil War. The states rights crowd are obstructionists of the American system as well as the Republican Party, which supports their cause and bankrolls them. The Republican Party raised a billion dollars for the 2012 election, and didn't elect a single candidate, but, being a party of fools who never learn, they are back hustling the same old crap. The only dummies who vote for these hustlers are people with a good job, nice bank account or are idiots.

Frank Couch