The Herald Bulletin

January 8, 2014

Letter: Land of Zhan not just fantasy

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Land of Zhan had become a beacon of light for many people over the years; however, in recent times, there developed a group of unscrupulous individuals within the world, known as the Force. They had tremendous wealth, and driven by thirst for power, proceeded to strategically plan how to manipulate policies in the Land of Zhan and the world. They, over time, gradually gained control over the media and all facets of society in Zhan. Their influence over the policies of the government in Zhan became exceedingly great.

In recent presidential elections, they even became so brazen as to promote Karock Mogano. He was a good orator, but there were indications he may have been born in Kawar, a country from afar on a dark continent. Even though the Force knew that the constitution in Zhan did not allow a foreign-born for president, they knew they could get away with it.

They knew they could stifle any opposition as their grip had become exceptionally strong over the politics and policies in the Land of Zhan. Karock Mogano also knew that he did not have to reveal any key papers or documents on his background and that the Force would take care of matters.

The Force knew that they could do things like this because the populace in the Land of Zhan had become extremely apathetic, naive and gullible. The people of Zhan had become like blind sheep to what was actually taking place in their land.

Michael Imhof