The Herald Bulletin

May 30, 2013

Hollywood, not NRA, teaching how to kill

The Herald Bulletin

---- — This is regarding Frank Couch’s May 22 letter to the editor. As a lifelong hunter, one who loves his country and is not ashamed to admit he gets choked up when our beautiful flag passes by in a parade, a World War II Marine, who has pulled a few triggers and knows how to shoot, one who is a proud member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and makes no apology to anyone for it, I deeply resent being called a “gun nut,” especially by someone whose own writings have a decidedly “nutty flavor.”

Mr. Couch attacks the NRA and seems to blame them for the tragedy of Sandy Hook. I suggest if Mr. Couch wants to assign blame for violence in America, he look no further than his own TV (think Hollywood)! While Hollywood is churning out movies, teaching young people how to cut up, shoot up and otherwise mutilate human bodies, the NRA is spending millions of dollars on youth clinics, teaching kids the fun and safe way to use guns. Attendees are taught gun safety, citizenship, sportsmanship and how to be good Americans.

The NRA is a great organization. Unlike Hollywood, it is not teaching people how to kill other people.

Wendell Clark