The Herald Bulletin

May 30, 2013

Letter: Reservoir good news for some businesses

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Let me see if I got this straight, concerning the new reservoir that “will be built” in Anderson.

Quinn Ricker, who is president of Ricker gas stations and owns half of all gas stations in Anderson, was the first to propose the idea of a reservoir. The political Republican machine started the propaganda to get the ball rolling. People of the business community and those of power joined the bandwagon. The owner of Mounds Mall is overly excited at a chance to sell the place, just as owners of other empty buildings are also glad to unload their investments to the taxpayers. I’m sure they will be well compensated as they are part of the business community.

The reservoir gets built. Now, the Ricker family will own the marinas on the reservoir. The price of gasoline at marinas is about twice the cost of gas on the street. The Rickers now have a playground for the family and the money keeps rolling in, “cha-ching, cha-ching.”

I’m for the reservoir being built, as my daughter, her husband and my grandchild will benefit from it. I just like to tell the “rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would say. Have a good day.

Ronald K. Jones