The Herald Bulletin

April 1, 2013

Letter: Other views needed in marijuana debate

— I’m not a politician but a pastor. I know little of the process a state engages in to write or overturn a law. However, I’m near 60 years old and over 38 years ago I tried multiple substances in an effort to dull my senses, emotions and/or “get high.”

Years ago, as it is still today, the use of marijuana is one of those drugs that aids in reaching that euphoric “high” that the user desires. It was then and is today (with most users) like a drug in “step therapy,” when the use of one drug doesn’t quite do it you go to the next more powerful choice that  provides what the previous couldn’t.

I’m not an expert, scientist or doctor, but my personal experience along with multitudes I’ve worked with, do conclude that marijuana alters the mind and affects one’s faculties. Any recovering drug addict will readily say that (typically) marijuana is in the “class” of precursors to the use of a more powerful drug.

Drug addicts, addiction counselors, M.A.D.D., rehab professionals and experts in “life-controlling” substances need to be incorporated into this most serious debate, as opposed to just lawmakers.

It simply seems erroneous to me that we’d widen the margins of legal permissiveness solely because we can’t handle the violations. Next, we’ll be hearing of the ingenious idea of taxing the sale of “weed” as a form of revenue.

What’s to be legalized next at the expense of safety, functional families and today’s youth? Just think about it!

Brad Brizendine