The Herald Bulletin

April 2, 2013

Letter: Proposed reservoir to have hefty price tag

— The politicians are saying the price tag for Mounds Lake Reservoir will be $350 million to $400 million. The CPA must be Mitch Daniels. At the top of the ledger, knowing how things roll in Anderson regardless which party is in power, we have kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Next are the politicians’ BFFs (a.k.a. lawyers) will be dragging in millions. Then politicians’ other BFFs, the people who do the planning and studies, make millions. Then the properties they will be buying will be millions.

The tearing down of 2,000 acres of building, trees, roads, etc. and the disposal cost of all that debris. The environmental study and cleanup will be very costly. New bridges will have to be built, especially over I-69; if not, it’s going to be a big drive around the reservoir.

To me, all this will add up to be closer to a billion dollars when all is said and done, but what do I know, no one is paying me. Ask yourself, will I swim in this White River-filled lake sitting on top of hundreds of acres of old dumps and a salvage yard. Ask yourself, will I eat fish from this White River-fed reservoir. Ask yourself, do I trust the people backing this reservoir. Is this reservoir worth a $350 million to a billion dollars in tax money or would this money be better spent bringing jobs to the area.

Tim Mahaffey