The Herald Bulletin

March 13, 2014

Letter: Second Amendment rights misdirected

The Herald Bulletin

---- — President Obama authorized sending weapons to Syrian rebels last June 2013. It appears that the administration provided the rebels with a range of weapons, including small arms, ammunition, assault rifles and anti-tank weaponry, such as shoulder-fired remote-propelled grenades and other missiles. It's well known that many of these Syrian rebels are al-Qaida linked.

Thus, as a government, we give assault rifles and a variety of anti-tank weaponry, such as shoulder-fired remote-propelled grenades and other missiles to these rebels, while Obama wants to deny Americans under the Constitution to own "military-style assault weapons." Do these Syrians rebels have more Second Amendment rights than American citizens?

On another note, in reference to our involvement in Iraq and Egypt, we've set up conditions where Christians have been even more terrorized than before our involvement. This is the same way in Syria. These Syrian rebels have caused great problems for Christian villages, including rape and murder incidents. If they gain power, it will be even worse for the Christians. To put it bluntly, our foreign policy has left Christian groups in more dire and perilous situations because of our direct involvement.

The Second Amendment gives us the right to protect ourselves against tyranny of government. And even without the Second Amendment, we have a God-given right to protect ourselves. There's a reason the Bill of Rights was developed by the Founding Fathers, and what a wonderful document the Constitution was in the preservation of freedoms.

Michael Imhof