The Herald Bulletin

March 8, 2014

Letter: US must be careful with Russia

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The American military is being used as the globalist pitbull to execute and enforce globalist policies throughout the world. It's not being used in support of America's best interests.

There's a key reason that America supports the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida linked rebels throughout the Middle East. This turmoil keeps oil prices high, and provides impetus for even further price increases. This is a globalist policy because America should not be dependent on foreign oil period. It has plenty of resources. Gasoline should be under a dollar a gallon. Congress should be held for treason based on the energy policy alone.

In reference to the Ukraine and Russia situation, America must be very careful. Russia is much stronger than many in America realize, and Putin is an exceptionally shrewd politician. In my opinion, Putin already knows the truth about President Obama and his true background. I think he perceives Obama to be a weak leader and he doesn't respect him. He knows why Obama was placed in office and what his agenda is. Putin also knows the truth about 9/11, and the pre-planned wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

To put it bluntly, Russia is tired of the United States putting its nose into everyone's business and telling everyone what to do. This is wearing thin in relations with Russia. Russia is biding its time. It has been preparing its military and getting stronger and stronger. In time, Russia will deal with America on its terms, and it won't be nice.

Michael Imhof