The Herald Bulletin

March 18, 2014

Letter: David Jolly's win in Florida significant

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Not only did The Herald Bulletin fail to report on this election, so did ABC, CBS, NBC nightly news fail to even mention it. If the Democrat Alex Sink had won, you can bet it would have been a top story, so I will tell you about this election.

On March 11, in Florida's 13th Congressional District, a special election was held to fill the seat of late Republican Congressman Bill Young. First-time Republican candidate David Jolly defeated Alex Sink, the 2010 Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, by a margin of 49 to 47 percent.

First, this is a swing district that President Obama won in both 2008 and 2012. Second, the race focused heavily on Obamacare. And third, while believing this to be a major pickup opportunity, Democrats outspent Jolly, the Republican, by a margin of 3-1. We will find out in November when the Senate and Congress elections will be held just how much Obamacare will affect the outcome, but I think we have our first indication! So now you have the story you should have had.

I hope in the future The Herald Bulletin will report on any important election regardless of the outcome.

David Carroll