The Herald Bulletin

October 28, 2013

Letter: County Council's Oct. 2 vote disturbing

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Being that I came from a generation believing honesty, not deceit, is a qualifying virtue for respect, I had a restless night Oct. 2 trying to maintain respect for four Madison County Council members; people, while I disagreed in political philosophy, thought their actions were result of sincere belief.

The votes in June of council members Lisa Hobbs, Robin Wagner, John Bostic and Lisa Phillips reinstated the wheel tax. Before that vote, council members Rick Gardner, Buddy Patterson and David McCartney reminded them of the $1.5 million (part of the balanced budget the 2012 council passed) plus the $ 1.8 million road tax received from the state. A total of $3.3 million earmarked for the roads. Myself and many other private citizens reported our disapproval of the wheel tax.

They maintained because of the crumbling roads, the pothole hazards and 50 years of poor maintenance, the wheel tax was needed to bring the roads to where they should be. Wednesday, Oct. 2, John Bostic made a motion, since we had the wheel tax, to cut $1.5 million from the road fund and use it for other items. Rick Gardner wanted to keep full amount intact.After debate he made a motion to keep $1 million intact; Lisa Hobbs countered his motion with one to cut $1 million, motion carried.

Thus my sleepless night. Were the four council members deceived to believe the need for the wheel tax or are they the deceivers? I want to believe in their honesty, but it is becoming difficult.

Danny Hayes