The Herald Bulletin

March 25, 2013

Letter: Betrayal will hit many people in face

— Betrayal is a word many will remember before this decade passes. Betrayal is not something many currently ponder, but in time, the reality of that word will hit many square in the face. That said, it will be a startling revelation, and then they’ll realize that it’s too late for them to do anything about it. They supported, and they cheered, what was going on in their government, and little did they know, that they had been deceived by all the bogus political and media rhetoric that they chose to believe for many years.

I compare our government to a blind man driving a car over the speed limit, and just ahead, is an exceptionally thick, immovable concrete wall. Guess what happens when that car hits the wall? One of the things that will happen, from all this, is that many will seek the Lord in their lives. Why they will have nowhere else to turn. Sometimes it takes dire situations to get people’s attention regarding what really matters in life.

Poverty and famine will become rampant in the nation. Truth is, it didn’t need to have happened this way. You see, people made decisions to bring these conditions on themselves. They’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

It’s sort of like Adam in the garden when he blamed Eve for the problems instead of taking responsibility for his actions. It’s her fault, God, not mine. People in America will then, irresponsibly, blame their political leaders. They wanted change, and change they got.

Michael Imhof