The Herald Bulletin

April 18, 2013

Viewpoint: Sequestration was President Obama’s idea

By David Hooper
Anderson resident

— I have lived through the terms of 13 presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt through the present. Some of them have been good, some have been not so good. But, until Barack Obama, I have never seen a president who deliberately has inflicted pain and suffering on the American people, just to prove he was right.

Obama said that sequestration would be painful. He said it would be a disaster. Then, when it wasn’t, he set out to make it so.

A week before sequestration hit, he ordered hundreds of criminals set free. “We couldn’t afford to hold them because of sequestration.” He shut down the White House tours over spring break, when thousands of schoolchildren planned to be there. “Because of sequestration.” Even though many individuals offered to donate the $47,000 per week it would take to keep the tours going. He laid off air traffic controllers, causing delays at large airports and shutting down some smaller ones. He laid off border security personnel, leaving our borders unguarded for hours at a time every day. And, this past week, he pulled money out of Medicare that was supposed to fund cancer treatment (and the Democrats say, it’s the Republicans who want to kill old people).

To top it all off: First — sequestration was Obama’s idea, not the Republicans. And second — the Republican House offered to give Obama the power to switch funds around, to avoid cuts in critical areas. He said he would veto that if they did it. He didn’t want to be able to minimize the impact. Obama doesn’t want the responsibilities of the presidency, he just want the perks. When he was a senator, he voted “present” more often than he voted “yes” or “no”. Now that he is president, he’s not even present. Any time there’s an issue that needs his attention (like Benghazi or sequestration or submitting a budget or the North Korea crisis) he is either fundraising in Las Vegas or on the West Coast or else he is on vacation.