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February 8, 2013

Viewpoint: Congress won’t pass a law banning weapons

So, President Obama has unveiled a number of initiatives to “protect” us from so-called assault type weapons. I predict they will not work. Laws will not stop someone from getting a weapon if they want one badly enough. All one has to do is look to Chicago. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation but, sadly, one of the highest murder rates. Another example is Mexico. Mexico has some of the strictest gun control laws, but there is a literal war going on  down there. Passing a law or signing an executive order will not make any difference.

Besides, I predict that Congress will not pass a law banning weapons. They did that once before, in 1994, and the Democrats were soundly defeated in the next election. Politicians may have short memories as far as campaign promises go, and even shorter attention spans, but I guarantee they remember the election of 1994, when members who challenged the NRA were voted out of office. Here are some facts: In the year between the time the ban was passed until it took effect, there was a 10-year supply of assault style weapons sold. The ban had no impact on crimes involving assault style weapons, meaning the number of people committing crimes with them neither increased nor decreased. The ban had no effect. Members of Congress know this. President Obama may not have to face re-election, but members of Congress do. The last time a ban on assault type weapons passed, 52 members of the House were voted out of office, including the speaker, which had not been done since the Civil War; eight members of the Senate; 11 governors and 15 state legislators. That is the power of the NRA. There are some members, like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer, who do not need to worry about getting re-elected. They could get caught smoking crack or take a bribe and get caught with the marked money in their freezer and still get re-elected. I’m not saying they did those things but, if they did, as some of their fellow Democrats have, they would all get re-elected.

Now, the people are pushing back. Sheriffs and sheriff associations all across this nation are vowing to defy the president and his agenda. Gun and knife shows are seeing record attendance and sales. On Jan. 19 and 20 at a gun show in Indianapolis, on one day, there was a four-hour-long line to get in. That speaks volumes as to the will of the people. When then-Senator Obama stated, “People in the Midwest cling to their guns and their religion,” I think, maybe, he underestimated just how true his statement was. Sadly, there were also three different accidental shootings at gun shows, with one in Indianapolis. Thankfully, none were life-threatening. All I can say is — idiots! They make responsible gun owners look bad. The first two rules of gun safety anyone learns is: Always, always, always treat every weapon is if it were loaded, period! And, never aim a weapon at someone unless you plan to shoot them. I went to my first gun and knife show over 30 years ago, and I don’t remember anyone ever being hurt at one. Maybe they were, but now the media coverage is magnified. Or, perhaps people are just dumber — maybe it’s both.

Sadly, the media are no longer impartial and unbiased. The media have an agenda and it is markedly liberal. Do you know there are reports that the Sandy Hook shooter never used an assault-type weapon? Did you know that true assault automatic weapons have been banned since 1934? No. Why not? I would encourage everyone reading this to do their own research. Don’t rely on mainstream media for information (not just Fox, either). You will be woefully misinformed.

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