The Herald Bulletin

October 10, 2013

Viewpoint: Affordable Care Act should be defunded

By Shirley Aubrey Anderson resident
The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Affordable Care Act was passed into law by Democratic majority in both the Senate and House and not one Republican vote was cast for it. It withstood challenges in court as Supreme Justice Roberts changed the law by calling it a tax. If the law that was presented to the Supreme Court was judged on the original wordage it would have failed passage, as the federal government has never had nor should ever have the right to force American citizens to purchase health care or anything else.

So what is the Senate doing by stalling the budgeting and protecting President Obama?

Answer: Wasting time, diverting the attention of lack of jobs, increased welfare rolls, health care exemptions for all his cronies just to mention a few. Whatever you think of the Affordable Care Act, it’s the law of the land. Wrong. It can be defunded and when most people see what it will cost them in the end they too will be against it. The message Obama keeps delivering to the tea party and all Republicans is “I will not negotiate.” In other words, it’s my way or the highway.

Don’t forget, the Affordable Care Act was written during Obama’s first term, and the Republicans were told we had to pass it before finding out what was in the bill. I thought all laws had to be read before becoming law, but not in Obama’s case as the majority in both House and Senate were Democrat.

The recent launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace, a key provision of the ACA, is tangled in red tape and even impossible to get online to start the process. The website has been down more than it has been up, and the Democrats have had three years to get it organized and working. Tell me how they can run this health care system when they can’t figure out how to get a letter from point A to B without losing money and that doesn’t involve anything critical like our doctors, medical issues, drugs and, in some cases, our lives.

The main thrust of the ACA: to provide affordable health care and health insurance to millions of Americans who have not been able to afford. However, it does not tell you that the young workers of America, who do not need insurance, will be paying dearly for the elderly and the indigent. I don’t think that is too noble. It also does not point out that there will still be millions who will not receive insurance, and those that don’t get it will pay a penalty.

The bottom line: The ACA is law; however, the Senate Democrats should be willing to make it for all Americans, no matter who they are. Unions, big business, themselves, friends, it should be the same law for all constituents. Above all, the Democrats should stop blaming the Republicans for America’s shutdown when it was Democrats who would not negotiate on any area of the bill.

The Democrats should stop trying to raise the federal budget as our government is in debt over our heads now. All you are doing is printing more money and placing the great USA in a path of financial disaster we can’t get out of. Learn to cut programs and live within your budget, which you haven’t done since Obama’s election. The truth hurts, but it’s time our government faces facts before China calls in our debt.