The Herald Bulletin

October 17, 2013

Letter: Volunteers play key role in festival's success

The Herald Bulletin

---- — It was another successful year for the Frankton Heritage Days festival, even though the weather did not cooperate on Friday we had a great turnout on Saturday and Sunday. FHD just celebrated its 38th year and this is something that all of our volunteers and our town should be proud of.

There are so many people who come together throughout each year to help organize and put together our festival. We thank all of the people who meet each month and devote so much of their time and efforts for the sole purpose of having a successful festival each year. Our volunteers are the backbone of the festival and it truly takes the efforts of all of them to have a successful year, year after year. So to all of those people we give a sincere thank-you for all you do to continue to help make FHD successful.

The success of the Frankton Heritage Days is dependent upon the families who come and take part of the festivities. Without that support we would not be able to have a festival at all. So, a big thank-you to all who attended. See you next year!

Jeff Alexander

Board chairman

Frankton Heritage Days/Balloon Extravaganza