The Herald Bulletin

November 1, 2013

Letter: Donated coats warm nearly 1,300 residents

The Herald Bulletin

---- — This is in response to the article in the Sunday, Oct. 27, edition of The Herald Bulletin titled "Bundled up or turned away". I do not believe the article represented the true spirit behind the very successful Community Hospital Anderson's Coats of Caring event. The few who came as the event was wrapping up who did not receive a coat certainly were not representative of the nearly 1,300 who walked away with a warm coat.

Over the years, coats, hats, gloves and scarves have been distributed to thousands of children and adults. While we are saddened to know that we didn't meet every need this year, we will continue to try.

I am especially grateful to those who have who have donated coats or money to buy coats, those who have spent hours knitting the handmade hats, those who organize the event, and Bestway Cleaners who spends countless hours cleaning each one of the donated coats. All of us are blessed knowing we are making a difference for those who need us. This event not only warms those who receive the coats but it also warms the hearts of many others in our community.

I have participated in Coats for Caring since its inception in 2001. For 13 years, many in our community have worked together to provide warm coats for those in need.

On behalf of Community Hospital Anderson, we would like to thank everyone who makes Coats of Caring possible.

Beth Tharp

President and CEO

Community Hospital Anderson